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T. Charles Yun tcyun at internet2.edu
Fri Feb 25 06:28:11 GMT 2005

A while ago, I was doing some work on entropy in text that used a perl 
script found online based on Claude Shannon's work.  Shannon determined 
a (set of) formulas and processes that allowed for the analysis of 
entropy in the english language.

If you are interested in a mor thorough mathematical analysis, I suspect 
that google can help with terms such as "Shannon entroy password perl" etc.

- Charles

Harry Hoffman wrote:
> Russell,
> We are having a similar discussion regarding the programs that 
> auto-generate easily typed passwords and whether or not it would be 
> easier to brute force those passwords based upon key locations and how 
> most people type.
> I'm interested to see what you come up with. Are you planning on doing 
> any tests to verify this?
> --Harry
> Russell Fulton wrote:
>> Hmmm.... fro  my manager.  What do you think?
>> I'll post my ideas on this tomorrow.
>> Russell
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>> Subject: Is the current password std flawed?
>> Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 13:42:51 +1300
>> As part of my discussion with CS re NetAccount v 2 enhancements we
>> looked at the UoA Password Std.
>> The following comments were made by CS.
>> By asking that all passwords must have a numeric and a special character
>> we are making it easier for cracking tools because we have effectively
>> reduced the "pool" of possible password combinations; e.g. no need to
>> check for a password such as "gHsrYBoZ" as this would be rejected as not
>> valid.
>> Similarly by not allowing all numerics such as "33892536".
> ...
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