[unisog] File Recovery of Sensitive Data IN-HOUSE

Sergent, Phil sergent at marshall.edu
Fri Feb 25 18:39:06 GMT 2005

File Recovery of Sensitive Data IN-HOUSE:


I have monitored this group for years and never really had anything to
either ask or contribute... till now.


I really hope someone can help me with this. 


            I have a Compaq/HP Alpha ES40 running OpenVMS v7.3-1, with
Storage Works Building Blocks, housing 4.3Gb HDD's and other disks that
aren't relevant to this, that have one set of internal disks, shadowed,
that managed to get the header of one of the SBB disks hosed because of
the ES40's peculiar habit of shifting the drive-designations when you
add a controller card to it.


            Basically, in my attempt to trouble shoot an on-going
problem with our TL891's performance difference issues when using a
DLT3xt versus DLT4, I caused the header of our Oracle8i disk to be


            I would like to recover the data from the drive on my own,
considering the cost and sensitive data involved. (Read that as SSN's
and University financial information)


            I have located a utility that is part of the freeware
distribution on the Installation CD's, called DiskBlock (v6.1), that
seems to be the ticket for repair/recovery. 

            However, it's not 'supported' and it's SANS Manual... the
help file... well, it really should be called a tickler-file. Help is no



            Can anyone here direct me, if I'm posing this question to
the wrong group, to a group that can and/or does deal with this sort of

            Or (this is what I really hope for more) does anyone have
some experience with DiskBlock or a similar utility that can recover
ODS2 type files?


Thank you... (in advance)



Phil Sergent                                      MU 

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Marshall University

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Email: sergent at marshall.edu

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