[unisog] WINS exploit attack

Doug Pearson dodpears at indiana.edu
Mon Jan 3 13:56:29 GMT 2005

Confirming a significant increase in TCP/42 activity. A graph developed from aggregate Internet2 Abilene netflow is attached. The graph and other ports can be viewed at http://ren-isac.net/monitoring.cgi.

Doug Pearson
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At 03:37 AM 1/3/2005 -0500, Tim Gurganus wrote:
>Since the WINS exploit went public Friday, I've been monitoring TCP port 42 traffic for shellcode. I got my first hit Sunday night from a machine inside our campus firewall.  The attacking machine was 0wned by DaG hackers that I know are active on the campuses of several US universities.  They used a connect back shellcode.  Exploited victims connected out to and used the rcp.exe command to copy RA Server and Serv-U FTP server to the local hard drive.  In this case, the FTP server uses ports TCP 965 and 966.  They may use other ports at other campuses.
>The exploit sequence is fairly long (over 200kb) compared to other network attacks.  Only windows servers running WINS without the MS04-045 patch would be vulnerable.  Patched servers will put an error in the event log about a very large, possibly corrupt message.
>Tim Gurganus, NCSU
>Industrial Engineering
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