[unisog] MAC/PC Mixed Mode Envioronment

Troy Gauthier troy.gauthier at ubc.ca
Sat Jan 8 18:01:54 GMT 2005

We, as many other academic institutions, are currently looking into the best
practices for supporting a heterogeneous computing environment. We have 75%
PCs and 25% MACs. Currently they are al authenticated through our W2K3


I know that MAC OSX Panther has some built in features to allow for Windows
authentication and file sharing. How ever the access control is not as
robust as I would like (giving only options for OWNER, GROUP, and EVERYONE
on each object). Although it is my understanding that this is inherited from
its UNIX backend.


I would love to know if anyone has implemented or has a best practices for
streamlining such an environment. 


1.	Which Server solution should be used? Or should it be a combination
W2K3/OSX Solution (since I'm pretty sure OSX can readily use MS Active
2.	Is there a common interface to manage the clients, perhaps a 3rd
party solution?
3.	best practices to sucure and maintain both os's in such an


I know this is nothing new so that is why I am hoping a UNISOG discussion on
this can perhaps enlighten those of us that may be doing it the complicated





Troy Gauthier

Manager, Information Technology 
Museum of Anthropology
University of British Columbia


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