[unisog] OT- Network Inventory Control?

jfferris jfferris at fsu.edu
Wed Jul 6 14:43:30 GMT 2005

We use a program called E-Z Audit to track and inventory computers and it
has done a really good job.  The price was relatively low for a site

Joe Ferris
Florida State University
University IT Security Team

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> * James Bruce:
> > This is OT but I was curious as to what everyone is using to keep track
> > of network inventory. We have a small network (>100 pc's) and people are
> > leaving, moving all the time and its hard to keep track of everything
> > with a spreadsheet and one admin. I'm not looking for anything in
> > particular just some ideas on license control and inventory control.
> Asset Tracker, an RT extension, provides such functionality, although
> it's still very much under active development.
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