[unisog] Is anyone using the Cisco FWSM - auditing

Mike Meredith mike.meredith at port.ac.uk
Wed Jul 6 16:04:59 GMT 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005 14:39:44 +0200, Eric Appelboom wrote:
> Could any network engineer with the enable password make changes to FWSM
> policies?

Yes, but does the network engineer need the enable password to the FWSM
blade ? The FWSM blade has a seperate enable password.

> Whats the best policy management tools?
> When with ver7.0 be available of FWSM?
> Does one have policy revision on FWSM?

Here we use 'conf net' to always update the policy from a TFTP server, the
contents of which are regularly exported from a subversion repository.
Whether it is better than the native tools, I don't know as I'm allergic to
GUI tools.

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