[unisog] Linux network monitoring software

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jul 18 22:52:18 GMT 2005

Jason Youngquist wrote:
>I've been looking into free network monitoring software for 
>Linux.  Right now, here are the products I'm considering:
>Nagios - availability monitoring

We're using Nagios here for alerting, and then feeding into
MRTG/RRD/routers2 for graphing of various counters.  We selected Nagios
after trying out a wide range of other monitoring software available online.
This is working well and is set up in a Linux-HA failover setup, with secure
authenticated web access.  Nagios scales well in that you can distribute the
monitoring tasks over multiple servers, and supports both passive and active
monitoring with a large number of provided plugins.

It is very flexible for check plugins, and notifications (almost too
flexible - we've needed to set up some configuration templates to make it
easier).  We have standard agent installs for Windows and *ix which can
check a wide variety of metrics.

Nagios is also fine for network/server monitoring, and has a handy feature
where it knows what a network outage blocks.  The MRTG/RRD/routers2 setup
can also graph pretty much anything from network devices or servers, and can
grab data from Nagios or direct from the Nagios agents as well as from SNMP.
Nagios can also take alert feeds from various other tools (IBM Director,
Openview...) if necessary.

The only thing it is missing is network discovery, although I'm writing
something to provide some of the features of this for us.

Contact me directly if you'd like any more info about our experiences with
setting it all up.


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