[unisog] Safe remote access

PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Wed Jul 27 15:23:30 GMT 2005

I can't see that as being any safer than booting knoppix (how is the secure 
client going to determine if there are hardware key-loggers attached to the 

Gary Dobbins wrote:

> Anyone tried "Cisco Secure Desktop" for this?
> A new feature with their VPN concentrators, it purportedly delivers a 
> workspace 'bubble' via a browser, the client-side part of which checks 
> for and attempts to isolate from keyloggers specifically.
> If it works, seems ready-made for this kind of need.
> Andrew Daviel wrote:
>> Following an incident where we believe a user had a password captured at
>> an Internet cafe in Bulgaria, I've been bouncing the question off a
>> couple of lists as "Are Internet cafes safe?"
>> To which the general consensus was "No!"
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