[unisog] password checker?

Nguyen, Minh Nguyen at lsdo.ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 1 20:01:19 GMT 2005


In my office, we use ANIXIS Password Policy Enforcer to force people to
specific password requirement.  It's a relatively inexpensive program
and works quite well.  They just came out with the new version, so
hopefully I will get a chance to install it soon.


As far as post audit - I used to use L0pht Crack - but haven't tried it
against active directory.  



Minh Nguyen
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College of Letters & Science Deans' Office
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Hi All

We have a scrubbing process that new machines go through before they get
registered for use on the network. One feature we'd like to add to this
process is a password checker for windows boxes. Basically, we'd like
something that checks the passwords for the users, and if it's
simple/easy, we'd like to get them to change it.

I was just checking if someone on this list might have something that
does these functions, or a part of these.


Matt Ashfield
Network Analyst
Integrated Technology Services
University of New Brunswick

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