[unisog] Request Opinions on Anti-Virus Software

Jon E. Mitchiner jon.mitchiner at gallaudet.edu
Mon Jun 6 15:46:17 GMT 2005

Peter Van Epp wrote:

>	True, but education does work. 
I am wondering if any schools have tried to approach this from an 
educational perspective by e-mailing all users (or a subset of users) 
attached files with enticements to open the attachment.  If users open 
the attachment (which is actually a program) then they are reminded that 
the attachment could have been a virus and tries to educate the user on 
dangers of opening attachments that are clearly bogus (similar to the 
"Dear domain.edu user,..." viruses).

In light of the recent headlines about viruses going around that encrypt 
the user's folders and files until the user pays some ransom (e.g. $200) 
to get the key to unlock the files makes me wonder if additional 
educational measures are necessary.  E-mailing users regularly about not 
to open viruses do not seem to work effectively, nor does hosting 
workshops or seminars.  I am trying to see if there are other ways to 
educate users, rather than trying to resolve this from a technical 
perspective (stripping all attachments, etc).

I am wondering if any school has tried to e-mail "educational programs" 
to users?  I realize that this approach may be deceiving for users and 
some people may protest about the educational campaign and I wanted to 
see if anyone actually tried to do this and how successful this was.

Jon Mitchiner

Jon E. Mitchiner
Special Projects Manager
ITS, Gallaudet University

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