[unisog] Request Opinions on Anti-Virus Software

PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Tue Jun 7 13:33:29 GMT 2005

We used to use McAfee (which had really helpful features that I find our 
current and your previous major vendor lacking).  We switched a couple of 
years ago (Not my decision - Site license).  Look into the alerting features 
- I use to have  every machine send me an e-mail when it detected a virus 
(useful as users tended to ignore the warning on their desktop).

Anyway, once I had the system figured out - I was able to switch all 150+ 
desktops in a day (I had to develop my own installation method for Symantec). 
  And I think it should be even easier to switch back (if that need ever arises).

Alan Rothenbush wrote:
> On Monday 06 June 2005 13:41, Russell Fulton wrote:
>>On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 10:33 -0400, mark ferguson wrote:
>>>o There is a huge anticipated Help Desk/support cost in converting our
>>>  end-users to another product.
> I am right this minute going through the process of converting some 400 or so 
> Windows machines in the administrative departments I'm responsible for (which 
> includes a WHOLE lot of people who can fire me) from Symantec to McAfee.
> All of these machines are on Active Directory.  (To date, I've been able to 
> take a _very_ hard line on the subject of support; you do it my way, which 
> includes AD, or you manage it yourself and don't even think of calling with a 
> problem.)
> I was only loosely involved with decision of which AV product to purchase, a 
> seemingly strange decision, as I'm sort of the chief technical person around 
> here for such things.
> Frankly, I didn't believe there to be all that much difference between the 
> major vendors; none were perfect, all were going to let something slip 
> through.
> I felt my time was better spent planning for the inevitable outbreak, and 
> educating the users, such "education" also known as bullying, frightening and 
> outright threatening.
> However, no boss anywhere is going to buy the story that AV really isn't 
> required, and when the microcomputer store manager (the main purchaser of 
> volume software) came to me with the idea that he was going to licence McAfee 
> (as the price was enormously cheaper than our previous Symantec deal), I did 
> a bit of an investigation.
> I too was worried about the problems of changing something that so embeds 
> itself into the core of the OS, on so many machines.
> I found that McAfee offered a number of other "malware" protection tools over 
> and above the standard AV fare, one of which would have helped a poor user 
> just last week.
> And more importantly, I also found that McAfee will happily uninstall 
> Norton/Symantec AV as part of its install process, and that the whole install 
> can be configured to take place entirely unattended.
> All of the machines in my area of AD have a CRON job running such that they 
> all reboot between 1:00 and 3:00 AM.  Starting tonight, I will begin adding 
> the line
>   \\server\share\setupvse.exe
> to the startup script of these machines.  (OK, it's a more complex script than 
> that, but it could be just that simple.)
> I'm hoping that my initial fears about the size of the changeover problem may 
> have been unfounded; tomorrow, or perhaps Wednesday, we'll know.
> Alan

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