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Stephen C Woods scw at seas.ucla.edu
Wed Jun 8 04:21:35 GMT 2005

   We (speakin only for the School of ENGR now) examine netflows
ny machine that has more traffic that specific servers
(aixpdslib.seas.ucla.edu a Public Domain softwre repository) has it's
traffic analyzed (ports in use, and destinations) if it apperas that
some thing in unusual (e.g Bittorrent, Kazaa, eMule, anon FTP, or lots
of traffic to dialups/DSL/Cable/modem or to hosts that are NOT mapped to
a name) we send an e-mail to the user ofthe machine, or if the user is
not easily determined [from pop logs) the the faculty member responsable
for the machine.   In the messagge we tell then that they're suing more
than their fair share of bandwidth, , which protocol they're appera to
be using, or the fact that we dont know which protocoo, and will the
please inform us what is running (under pain of cutoff).  Ans we ask
them to justify the use in academic terms (believe it or not about 5%
are actually using bittorrent to trnsfer data to other academic users).

   We also include a link to the UC policy on Intectual property rights,
and a link to the 'what to report when you mchine is hacked'.

   We have very good luck with getting people to clean up.

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:48:30AM +1000, Leigh Vincent wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am curious to find out what other places are doing about Peer-to-Peer
> software.  Here in Australia, Universities are facing a crackdown by the
> recording industry on downloads that are in breach of copyright etc. 
> and I would be interested to know how others handle this issue.
> Thanks
> Leigh
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