[unisog] P2P Copyright protection at the network level

curtw@siu.edu curtw at siu.edu
Wed Jun 8 05:51:17 GMT 2005

At my campus we are using a combined approach that involves a
vendors "appliance" running software that monitors P2P metadata
and file hashes looking for known copryrighted content. The
system works well, and has cut down on the P2P abuse a great deal
and saved bandwidth. While that system helped a lot, we've had to
augment it with specific firewall rules and some ACL's at
strategic locations to add a "defense in depth" approach to
stopping this problem. We've seen very positive results from this
approach, and have seen a great reduction in those letters from
the enforcement agencies. We've all got other work that needs to
be done, and the less hassle with copyright issues, the better
for all parties involved. 

Curt Wilson
IT Network Security

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