[unisog] Peer-to-Peer Software

Cude, Zachary zachary.cude at ttu.edu
Wed Jun 8 13:48:15 GMT 2005

We have it easy in our neck of the woods.  Our intrusion prevention system
has signatures for all the p2p protocols, so blocking them is only a check
box away.  We also limit the bandwidth of known P2P ports to 1kb.  Good luck
downloading a movie with that kind of bandwidth.  We recently ran into an
issue with the i2Hub P2P software, but since it was based on DC++ protocol
our IPS was able to block it.  We also use our IPS to block all IRC traffic
which has been a godsend.  

Zachary Cude
IT Security Analyst
Texas Tech University

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:48:30AM +1000, Leigh Vincent wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am curious to find out what other places are doing about 
> Peer-to-Peer software.  Here in Australia, Universities are facing a 
> crackdown by the recording industry on downloads that are in breach of
copyright etc.
> and I would be interested to know how others handle this issue.
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