[unisog] Firewall Administration

Leigh Vincent l.vincent at ballarat.edu.au
Wed Jun 8 22:55:30 GMT 2005

Our Network administrators manage our Firewalls and other network
devices (eg Packet shapers, routers etc) but I get a say in how they are
configured and make recommendations for changes and any other proposed
changes go though me.  I find this is working well as it means that
there is a set of equipment that I don't have to worry about and if it's
not working, someone else takes care of it.

Leigh Vincent
University of Ballarat

>>> LeeAnne.Hart at montgomerycollege.edu 06/09/05 3:29 am >>>
If you don't mind sharing, who maintains your firewalls - hardware and
operating system, not the firewall software? Currently, our IT
team are the only people with access to our firewalls, but our
networking group is asking for some rights to maintain the hardware
to be able to reboot them. I have mixed feelings about this and wanted
to know how other organizations handle this. Also, what are some of
pros and cons of this?  Thanks,

Lee Anne Hart
IT Security Analyst
Montgomery College

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