[unisog] Current use of Netware (OES), MS AD and Samba for delegated control

David Gardner D.N.Gardner at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Jun 9 14:41:49 GMT 2005

Hi list :)

We are currently going through a project to replace a set of Netware 4 
servers[1], and whilst I'm not directly involved with this project I am 
interested in it due to the possible knock-on effects for server-side
software that we will be required to support, and was wondering what 
some of you guys and gals use to allow the following:

- Delegate authority to allow selected staff to create groups, shares and
  change access rights within their own section,

- Have managed Windows desktops for staff and possibly PC clusters,

- Preferably sync with or directly use our current OpenLDAP infrastructure.

I think that this can be acheived with just Samba and a bunch of trusted
domains, which will be a lot cheaper than the alternatives of Novell Open 
Enterprise Server or MS Active Directory.  

What good and bad experiences have people had with these setups, especially 
in the sense of security vs feature comparisons between them?

I hope this isn't too general a question for the list!

	Thanks in advance,


[1] afaik the available options are : Novell OES, MS AD, Samba.
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