[unisog] any experience with Q1Labs?

Wes Young wcyoung at buffalo.edu
Sat Jun 11 16:17:30 GMT 2005

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I took a look at Q1's demo (the webcast version with an engineer).. it
looked ok... I believe Cornell works with them and likes them. I'm also
looking at a product from OpenService and Ciscos (Protego) PN-MARS...

So far from my research, which hasn't included a demo (yet) i've been
very impressed with the PN-MARS. I had a cisco engineer in to live demo
it, and (especially) if you have a cisco network, it fits nicely since
the guys at protego were formerly of cisco as well.

IMO: Cisco's new venture into the IPS/IDS SEM/SIM market might be behind
the market slightly... but when they pull up the slack with a product
like this, and their ways of integrating it into your core, it seems
very worth the investment.

sunia wrote:
> Hi, All!
> We're just beginning to evaluate SEM/SIMs.  Q1Labs came to talk to us 
> and seemed to understand networking.   Just wondering if anyone had any 
> experience with them.
> We're also looking at NetForensics and Protego - getting eval units.
> Sunia
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