[unisog] CiscoWorks LMS question

Caleb Chaplin caleb at alcor.concordia.ca
Mon Jun 13 13:46:32 GMT 2005

Todd K. Watson wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if the Java client for CiscoWorks LAN Management
> Solution will run under Linux or FreeBSD with the Java Plug-in 1.4?  If
> so, can you tell me that you've done so, and with what OS/Browser/Plugin
> version?

Up until very recently we used version 2.2 of LMS, running on Windows 2000.
Most of our connecting clients are using Windows but I managed to access *most*
of Ciscoworks from a Linux client.  But not all of the functionality, in
particular the apps from Campus Manager would never load; so, those users who
don't need acces to Campus Manager might be just fine :)  There were a few
other "random" applets which would never load as well but I've forgotten which

We've upgrade to version 2.5 recently and is definitely worth the hassle of
upgrading, both in functionality and in performance (but note the hardware
requirements!).  Most of the java has been stripped out, and non-IE browsers
appear to run just as smoothly as IE.  *However*, most of Campus Manager still
doesn't work with non-IE browsers; if you try to start the application a new
window pops up but the applet never loads.  Even using a "supported" version of
Mozilla on Windows fails.  Campus Manager is largely the same between versions,
the rest of the Ciscoworks interface works great.

> The client system requirements make it sound like it's Windows or
> Solaris only.  We are looking into purchasing it to run on a Solaris
> server, but we operate in a mixed Linux/FreeBSD workstation environment.

With the exception of supported Solaris workstations, only IE on Windows will
run all of the diverse LMS applications.

Using Wine is not viable either because the java plugin can't be installed into
IE; there might be a way around this but the documentation at the time said
this was impossible.

Only use the version of Java which Ciscoworks ships and prompts to install
(previously 1.4.1_02 and now 1.4.2_06).  My primary workstation runs Slackware
Linux and I use Firefox 1.4; I still need to use my Windows workstation in
order to access the Campus Manager sub-section.

To answer your original question here's what I've used successfully (not
counting Campus Manager):

LMS 2.2
- slackware 10
- mozilla 1.4
- java 1.4.1_02

LMS 2.5
- slackware 10.1
- firefox 1.4, konqueror 3.4, mozilla 1.8
- java 1.4.2_06

If you're not going to purchase Campus Manager then you're set.  Otherwise
expect headaches.  Feel free to contact me off list for nitty-gritty details,
or search Cisco forums for my rants^H^H^H^H posts concerning linux and browser

Caleb Chaplin, junior network analyst, IITS, Concordia University
Montreal, Canada  1.514.848.2424:7664

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