[unisog] Dshield like submission for local campus

Bhandari, Bishwa Bishwa.Bhandari at atosorigin.com
Tue Jun 14 09:45:46 GMT 2005

Interesting page and data.

I have been looking at it for a few days now.
It seems unusual that the "most attacked" port is "67" (bootps).
This is probably just false alerts generated by each DHCP request broadcast packet on the network.

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>Ok.. I'm not seeing from dshield how one sets this up themselves. Is  
>there a pointer somewhere?

Johannes Ullrich, Dshield developer, has indicated he's willing to let EDU use 
the DSHIELD code to set up local dshield sites like ours 
(http://dshield.cirt.vt.edu). He gave us the code 2 years ago and we modified 
it to fit our site/needs. It will take some work to set up.

Basically, you would get the dshield distribution code from him and install it 
on your system. I don't have his email address handy but if you go to 
www.dshield.org, you can get it from there.


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