[unisog] Opensims vs. OSSIM -- was Re: any experience with Q1Labs?

H. Morrow Long morrow.long at yale.edu
Wed Jun 15 01:01:04 GMT 2005

On Jun 11, 2005, at 7:32 PM, Russell Fulton wrote:
> have you or anyone else looked at Opensims?  It looks interesting but
> there is not much hard info on the web page: http://www.opensims.org/

Russell -- Thanks very much for the pointer to OpenSIMS.

While browsing the site securitytesters.org I came across the
Open Source SIM project (OSSIM) at : http://www.ossim.net/.

I haven't had any chance to evaluate it but it appears to also
be a fairly far along and well thought through open source SIM
project and heavy on the event correlation side vs. Opensims
which appears to be heavy on the visual presentation of data
analysis via a web GUI (and animation????) and possibly
not as far along yet.  OSSIM may be a competitor to OpenSIMS.

OS-SIM is a GNU project on sourceforge.NET, presumably GPL'd:


OpenSIMS, AgentSDK (the agent API) and Ceteri (secure web svcs
framework basd on Tomcat, Axis & WSDL4j) appear to be driven/
steered/project-managed/developed primarily by Symbiot, Inc as
well as by Borrowed Time, Inc and the RiskMetrics Group, Inc under
an Apache-style license (and Jakarta project) as an Apache Incubator


- H. Morrow Long, CISSP, CISM, CEH
   University Information Security Officer
   Director -- Information Security Office
   Yale University, ITS

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