[unisog] OT- Network Inventory Control?

sunia sunia at networking.stanford.edu
Wed Jun 15 15:37:25 GMT 2005

We have our own application called NetDB.  Since we have about 50,000 
hosts, we wanted to distribute DNS/DHCP administration among the 300 
local network administrators + 100 server admins.  We had also included 
fields for make/model/location/comments so folks have also used it for 
inventory.  I use it often to pull out the current list of 
switches/routers for various scripts to backup configuration, update 
monitoring lists, etc.  Much more reliable to check for new DNS hosts 
than to wait for folks to tell me about a new switch.

Sometime next year, we hope to have NetDB packaged up enough to release 
as open source.


On Jun 15, 2005, at 8:18 AM, James Bruce wrote:

> This is OT but I was curious as to what everyone is using to keep track
> of network inventory. We have a small network (>100 pc's) and people 
> are
> leaving, moving all the time and its hard to keep track of everything
> with a spreadsheet and one admin. I'm not looking for anything in
> particular just some ideas on license control and inventory control.
> I've been googling and found some programs. I am simply curious to what
> the universities are using. Any comments or ideas are welcome.
> Thank You,
> -Jimmy
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