[unisog] Firewalls or Network Access Controls for Netware Servers

Cal Frye cjf at calfrye.com
Wed Jun 22 20:50:43 GMT 2005

Hi, Gary,

That list of ports is certainly daunting. Where, exactly, will this firewall be
placed? Not all of these ports need be exposed to all your users, some of them
only need be open for your admins, not everyone, and others are used only
between the servers in the tree. You could ask your admins to break the list
down for you ;-)

But in general, there are a lot of services offered there, and so many ports
will need be opened for your users to do what they need/expect to do. Perhaps
some of those are not really needed in your environment (ftp?). For what it's
worth, Netware security is pretty robust, but you're certainly wise to add some
layers to that onion.

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Gary Flynn wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone attempted to put up protective network
> access controls or firewalls between Netware
> clients and servers? The number of open ports
> and communications mechanisms seems pretty
> daunting.

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