[unisog] Firewalls or Network Access Controls for Netware Servers

Clark Gaylord cgaylord at cns.vt.edu
Thu Jun 23 14:42:16 GMT 2005

Cal Frye wrote:

>That list of ports is certainly daunting. Where, exactly, will this firewall be
>placed? Not all of these ports need be exposed to all your users, some of them
>Gary Flynn wrote:
>>Has anyone attempted to put up protective network
>>access controls or firewalls between Netware
>>clients and servers? The number of open ports
>>and communications mechanisms seems pretty

How did you come up with your list?  Is that just the ports that the 
firewall is listening on?  I have seen Sonic firewalls do this (I'm sure 
there are others), not because they are providing those services but 
because they apparently listen in order to block.  Apparently, they have 
the notion of integrating honeypot capabilities in the firewall.


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