[unisog] Is anyone using the Cisco FWSM

Velasquez Venegas Jaime Omar jaime at ulima.edu.pe
Fri Jun 24 00:54:10 GMT 2005


I am running a Cisco FWSM blade over here.I've been testing "Cisco VMS
2.3/Monitoring Center for Security 2.0" in order to analyze logs from
Altough I'm not done with my testings yet,my impression is that its
logging details are not as informative as a Checkpoint Firewall-1
Management Center which I used to run.
Is anybody here who runs Cisco FWSM and share his/her experiences on
logging tools?



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I'm the network administrator in Beijing University of Technology
(www.bjut.edu.cn). A FWSM was installed on the core sw of my campus
network. I think FWSM is much better than the old firewalls I've ever
used, because the bandwidth of old fw(s) is limited to 100M or 1000M,
but the bandwidth of FWSM is 5G. There are about 40 servers running
behind the FWSM, and I use it to generate logfiles to monitor all
accesses from inside to outside, about 3G txt file pre day. 
what do you mean by "interface is problematic"? I think FWSM is much
easier than the orignal fw, the modules maybe a little expensive, but
the performance is really good. :)

Kang Liu
Network Center
Beijing University of Technology

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>We are considering a move to a Cisco FWSM blade in the Catalyst  
>switch, for bandwidth and other network improvements. But the  
>interface is problematic, and I was wondering if there's anyone  on the

>list who's using it, whether you like/don't like it, and  whether it's 
>lived up to your expectations. Please reply to me  off-list 
>(allison.macfarlan at yale.edu). Thanks.
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