[unisog] Any Canadian Universities on here ?

Pete Hickey pete at shadows.uottawa.ca
Wed May 4 21:08:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 11:03:35AM -0400, Paul Ryan wrote:
> Good to know that you have a method around port 25 blocking - as the
No, we don't.  We have a method of allowing them to use our
mail relay when they don't have our IP address.  We've had this
in place for a good 10 years now.  When they do a POP/IMAP logon,
their IP address is sent to the mail relay, who will accept mail
from that address for 30 minutes.

On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 11:09:37AM -0400, Sylvain Robitaille wrote:
> On Wed, 4 May 2005, Pete Hickey wrote:
> > ... it SEEMS like rogers is starting to/thinking of blocking port 25.
> In my opinion, it's about time that they do.  

I'm mixed on this.  For the people I have working on our email
systems, it is EXTREMELY useful to be able to come into our
mail machines for debugging.  As a receiver of spam, I'd like them
to block it.

> When ISPs block outbound port 25 as a general rule, it will become much
> easier for them to control spam and viruses from their clients.

And the spammers will then have their zombie machines go through the
ISP's SMTP relay.  Yes, I know Rogers is starting to force authenticated

> > We end up supporting their mail client configuration, so that they
> > can use their university addreses from home.
> I don't understand: they can use whatever address they want, so long as
> they use their ISP's SMTP server to send mail through, no?  Certainly
> that's not been a problem for us ...

Starting off, we would tell them.  Configure your mailer to use
xxx as your mailbox server, and yyy as your mail relay/SMTP-out.
Use that whether you are at home or in the office.  When Sympatico
started blocking port 25, we had lots of users calling to tell us
that they could no longer send university email.  WE had to find
out what sympatico's mail relay was, and telling them how to
configure it in the mail reader WE support, not the one their
ISP supports.

Oh yes.. There was one ISP who would not accept mail for relay
unless it had THEIR domain in the From:

Maybe we made the mistake 10 years ago, by telling them everything was
the same.

That all said, the main thing would be knowing in ADVANCE that
Rogers will do.  I won't complain if I can throw away my homebrewed
stuff, with the excuse that ISPs no longer allow SMTP outbound.

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