[unisog] IPSAN / iSCSI SAN

Stan Horwitz stan at temple.edu
Fri May 6 13:25:59 GMT 2005

On Thu, 5 May 2005, Carol Myers wrote:

>Have any of you had some experience with IP SAN or iSCSI SAN that you'd
>like to share?    You may respond to me and I can compile answers, if
>any, for the list.

Around six months ago, I tried out a LeftHand Networks iSCSI SAN with a
Windows 2000 server. The technology is intriguing, but the price per GB
was too high.

For those environments where installing a regular fibre based SAN is not
an option, iSCSI SAN technology is well worth considering. In our
environment, we already have fibre layed lots of places so we would not
have realized a significant savings by going wih an iSCSI SAN solution.

If you want to talk to a resellber, write to mem privately and I can refer
you to some very good people who I rely on.

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