[unisog] Server based scan for student computers

Andy Druda adruda at wagner.edu
Fri May 13 16:59:26 GMT 2005

We are looking to setup a browser-based (at least the entry point) 
system which new student's computers will be directed to until they are 
registered.  We want to check for anti-virus software, updates for such, 
presence of: viruses, current patches and other security problems.

We would rather not have the expense of a commercial product but we are 
not even sure what some of the commercial products actually do so they 
may even be worth some cost.

Once certified as safe the student will then be led to a registration 
system which will place them in the normal resnet VLAN.

Can some of you who do this tell me what your using?



Andy Druda
Director of Campus Technology
Wagner College
Staten Island, New York
718 390 3204

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