[unisog] Server based scan for student computers

Andy Druda adruda at wagner.edu
Sun May 15 10:09:58 GMT 2005

We want to go further than netreg in the quarantine department.  We 
don't want students on the same VLAN until they are safe so we will 
manipulate the switches (as we currently do by hand).  We have most of 
that part already figured out but want to decide what to scan with.  We 
are considering nessus.  VERY good to see some of you are using it for 
the scanning.

scott hollatz wrote:
>>>Can some of you who do this tell me what your using?
>>NetReg is one of the more popular open-source ways of going about that :
> We've been using a modified NetReg to quarantine systems not passing a
> Nessus scan (of several vulnerabilites, not all Nessus knows of).
> This has been working fine in the reshalls and we've been slowly deploying
> across campus.
> A Nessus hook is also in our wireless authentication gateway (also used for
> public etherjacks) but is not yet in production (has been ready for a few
> years, but no cycles available for rollout...).


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