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Juvinall Peter Stanley psjuvin at ilstu.edu
Mon May 16 18:13:41 GMT 2005

Hi, I've been less than impressed with SharePoint as a solution for web
based access to Home Directories.  


The situation I ran into was in attempting to install SharePoint on our
faculty/staff webserver (running IIS 6.0), IIS went fought between FPSE
and SharePoint and my existing FPSE setup lost and ended up wrecking
what I had installed already :-(.  With that said, SP probably wouldn't
be bad if you had a fresh box to put it on.


Have you considered using DFS to push the files over to a web server and
relegate access via NTFS permissions?  We've had a ton of success
offering two common drives out over the web just by allowing directory
listing and putting an ACL on the resource.  In fact, so much so that
many of our population only knows to get access to these two resources
via the web.





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Subject: Portal software


We're a small university moving towards an Active Directory deployment,
and wondering what others are using for WEB based access to their files.

  Has anyone done an evaluation of XYTHOS products or Microsoft
SharePoint portal server that they would be willing to share with us?

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