[unisog] Network security police no hubs/switches/routers?

Allen Rueter allen at cts.wustl.edu
Tue May 24 15:05:26 GMT 2005

Hmm, wireless is a hub technology. 
So managed hubs would have to be acceptable

On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 09:13:17AM -0400, Michael Holstein wrote:
>  > What do you do when someone needs a port for a second computer?  How 
> long
> >does it take to get a new drop? How much does it cost? Are your users
> >doing anything that is important to the organization, or just playing
> >around? Will you allow IP phones (which usually contain a "pass-thru" port
> >which is equivalent to a 2 port hub)?
> Most network drops already have two cables. New drops cost ~$600 
> (includes port cost on a 65xx edge). We have wireless that blankets the 
> entire campus and every building so laptop users get a $30 802.11 card.
> >I think a policy of always providing a (possibly managed) switch would
> >have a better chance of furthering the objectives of the university.
> I agree. Offering a lower cost (say 29xx) alternative to a department 
> and then making their FastEthernet port a trunk would increase port 
> density for them at the expense of bandwidth on the trunk, but you'd 
> still be able to manage the edge.
> Cheers,
> ~Mike.
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