[unisog] Network security police no hubs/switches/routers?

Clark Gaylord cgaylord at cns.vt.edu
Fri May 27 14:30:38 GMT 2005

Matt McBride wrote:

>look is the potential for L2 spanning-tree loops. This threat will
>undermine any stable network rendering it unavailable if the STP fails
>to place a port in block state. And, at a minimum, the network will see
This is not justifiable, imho.  STP should prevent the loop.  Period.  
Broken network gear is no excuse.

The same goes for worms, etc: they are a problem in congesting links, 
etc, but there is never a legitimate reason for saying "we need to 
protect the network".  Anyone who tries to sell you security products 
using this FUD should be clubbed like a seal.


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