[unisog] PGP and S/MIME

Mike Wiseman mike.wiseman at utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 3 14:38:46 GMT 2005

Christensen, Eric wrote:
> Has anyone done a serious rollout of secure e-mail?  I've been trying to get
> folks to use S/MIME certificates (like Thawte) but not everyone sees the
> benefits.  I was testing out PGP for the last few days but it really taxed
> my computer (using PGP Desktop).  I see that at least one person on this
> list is using PGP.  Anyone else?  Opinions?

I've pursued the use of S/MIME for some time for use by staff for work-related signing
purposes. The initial focus was signing of: external-bound email, internal email
containing official instructions, directions, etc. For that I've been using S/MIME
products from Comodo at $4/yr and storing keys on an Alladin USB device (not trying to
plug these but they've worked well for us). I've never really looked at PGP since the
built in support for S/MIME in Microsoft applications works well and the outward facing CA
function is important.

Encryption is next to work on - perhaps a self-signed S/MIME cert if we can figure out how
to handle private key recovery. I'd want to be able to tell users they can use the 
encryption cert for
more than just email, encrypting documents, etc.


Mike Wiseman
Computing and Networking Services
University of Toronto
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