[unisog] PGP and S/MIME

Christopher Crowley ccrowley at tulane.edu
Thu Nov 3 15:00:07 GMT 2005

My experience with PGP is that it works well for a limited deployment scope.  I
have set up about 10 people to be able to send sensitive data via e-mail.  We
have some people using Enigmail + Thunderbird + OpenPGP, and some people using
Outlook + PGP.

For the people who won't always remember to check the encrypt box, I find that
Enigmail's per-recipient rules are invaluable.  The only caveat I have found to
this is if you have a system that automatically updates your mozilla or
thunderbird, enigmail is NOT automatically updated.  Enigmail is a plugin to
Mozilla.  A version upgrade ( say an RPM update from yum ) doesn't provide you
seamless upgrade for the enigmail.  This is fine if the person using it is
security conscious. But it is a legitmate concern if you are depending on the
application to be responsible for a non-security conscious person.

On the other hand, there are commercial alternatives that will inspect messages
for sensitive content, intercept that mail, and replace it with a notice to the
intended recipient.  The intended recipient has to sign in to a website to
retrieve the data.  I don't know of any open source applications that perform
this function, but creative application of your anti-spam application might be
able to accomplish this.  I haven't done it, but something like MailScanner +
custom perl code could probably accomplish forced encryption for a defined set
of recipients.  You could "scan" for your sensitive data, or sender / recipient
pairs.  The problem with this is the data is transferred for the first hop
un-encrypted and is probably stored in a Sent folder somewhere without being

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Quoting "T. Charles Yun" <tcyun at internet2.edu>:

> Thunderbird/Win32 + GPG/OpenPGP + Enigmail (a plugin) seems to work
> quite well for me.  Still testing it out, but I've seen little that
> causes problems.
> Christensen, Eric wrote:
> > Has anyone done a serious rollout of secure e-mail?  I've been trying to
> get
> > folks to use S/MIME certificates (like Thawte) but not everyone sees the
> > benefits.  I was testing out PGP for the last few days but it really taxed
> > my computer (using PGP Desktop).  I see that at least one person on this
> > list is using PGP.  Anyone else?  Opinions?
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