[unisog] network camera security/authentication

Donal Lynch donal at yorku.ca
Wed Nov 9 17:26:35 GMT 2005

We use netbotz (http://www.netbotz.com) for security and environment 
monitoring, if you purchase the "netbot central" it comes with "improved 
LDAP compatability with MS Active Directory servers", but we've never 
tried it.  IMHO most of the reasonably priced IP based cameras do not seem 
to have really been designed with security in mind.  The only real 
solution I can think of is to put all of these kinds of things behind 
something that provides real security - ie: some sort of VPN/Firewall 
device that does support standards based authentication that comes from a 
reliable "vendor" where you know you'll find out if there are security 
vulnerabilities/patches.  My big worry with a lot of these kinds of 
devices (especially the ones that run embedded servers) is that I'm not 
sure I trust the vendors to promptly release security patches (assuming 
the devices are even patchable).


Donal Lynch
Asst. Manager, CNS Network Operations, York University
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unisog-bounces at lists.sans.org wrote on 11/09/2005 11:28:05 AM:

> Our library is looking at deploying a couple IP-based network cameras to
> monitor the front desk and a classroom.  During winter/spring/summer
> breaks the front desk isn't staffed, so they would like to be able to
> see if someone comes to the desk to check something out or needs help.
> I'm looking for a camera designed with security in mind.  Ideally, the
> library staff would be able to login to the IP camera with their LDAP
> credentials, but I haven't been able to find a camera which supports
> LDAP authentication.  They seem to only support a local authentication
> database.
> Appreciate any suggestions.
> Jason Youngquist
> jryoungquist at ccis.edu
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