[unisog] Computer Associates ETrust Admin Server v8.x installation Q&A

Renes, Stuart B stuart.renes at eds.com
Thu Nov 10 21:16:51 GMT 2005

This email is in reference to your online post (below) about eTrust
Audit 8.x. We're considering the product, but having implemented another
of their products (eTrust Audit) with great difficulty, wanted to see
what your experiences were with eTrust Admin.
Hello my fellow colleagues!!

Has any of you here had the misfortune of having to install the CA
Etrust Admin Server v8.x at your institution?? Having gone through their
instructions (sparse as they may be), there is no defined step by step
instructions of any kind. We currently have a test domain consisting of
2 2k3 server, one as the dc with ad, the other as a member server. My
question is, if anyone knows, does the admin server need to be installed
on the dc or can it be installed on the member server? I would be
grateful if anyone here that has had any experience to share with me.
Viele Dank in advance!!

Stuart B. Renes

Microsoft MVP
Continental Airlines Delivery
Electronic Data Systems
Phone: 972 796 2950
Cell:     214 280 6680
Pager: stuart.renes at sprintpcs.com
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