[unisog] Network Acces systems?

Donal Lynch donal at yorku.ca
Fri Nov 18 21:43:44 GMT 2005

Hi Matt (and others :-),

I'm starting to think about maybe looking at this stuff (so you're farther 
ahead than I am), so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of answers 
you get. I've just stated lurking on the perfigo email list and have found 
some of the discussions fairly informative.  For those that are 
interested, the list is PERFIGO at LISTSERV.MUOHIO.EDU.  Some of the 
discussions have been fairly technical dealing with troubleshooting, but 
others have been fairly broad about deployment, management, etc.


donal at yorku.ca

unisog-bounces at lists.sans.org wrote on 11/18/2005 02:55:32 PM:

> Hi
> We're in the process of researching our options as far as Network Access
> systems go. Specifically, products like Bradford Campus Manager,
> StillSecure, Sygate, Cisco CleanAccess (although we're not a cisco shop, 
> probably not) or other varations.
> We're looking for a system that can clean/scrub/quarantine bad machines 
> do such a check on a regular basis. If it could be coupled with some 
form of
> authentication, that would be bonus.
> I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with these
> products on their campus, and if so, what have been the results so far.
> Thanks,
> Matt Ashfield
> mda at unb.ca 
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