[unisog] Cisco 2950 protected ports in residential halls

Royston Boot Bootr at lincoln.ac.nz
Tue Nov 22 03:45:04 GMT 2005


We are planning to block traffic between residential hall/dorm users by
configuring the ports on our Cisco 2950 access switches as "switchport
protected". In testing it all behaves as expected, with individual users
unable to talk to each other, but no problems with traffic to/from our
central servers. The aim is to reduce the problems caused by unpatched,
worm infected machines as well as to help eliminate copyright infringing
P2P traffic, games, video streaming etc. I appreciate this will be
unpopular with the users!

I'm interested to hear the experiences of others who have tried this,
and what sort of problems they came across. 


Royston Boot
Internet and Security Manager
Lincoln University
Canterbury, New Zealand

Phone: (64) (3) 325 2811 x8594
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