[unisog] New virus

Goverts IV, Paul pgoverts at sjfc.edu
Tue Nov 22 15:17:54 GMT 2005

I was wondering if anyone had seen anything like this today....


We have been seeing a new virus going around this morning that is coming
in via an email appearing to be from "webmaster" "register" and "admin"
@(WhateverDomainIsBeingTargeted).  It tells users to click on the
attachment which is an .scr file disguised as an .htm file (inside a zip
file).  When the attachment is run, the virus disables Symantec
Antivirus, Task Manager, and Ethereal.  It then runs a program
(C:\Windows\system32\Win32IMAPSVR.EXE) which opens a connection to apparently to wait for instructions.  Our GFI
antivirus on our mail servers didn't start filtering this out until
about 8:30am this morning, and the latest definitions from Symantec
(11/21/05 rev 6) do not detect this yet. Anyone else seeing this?




Paul Goverts IV
Computer Services
St. John Fisher College
Rochester, NY 14618

"Ask yourself - Where are you going?  Who is going with you?"  -- "Col."
Gordon Shay


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