[unisog] Auto AV Notification ( was Re: New virus)

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Nov 24 19:08:10 GMT 2005

Bill Martin wrote:
> As a result of these little buggers, and their spoofing of the sender, we receive thousands of notifications that mail to xxx failed to deliver... or the mail you sent contains a virus.. etc...
> Is there really any point in this?  Think about it, replying to these is usually pointless.  The people that these bounce back to usually did not send the initial the e-mail... sending notifications creates more work for everyone and their SMTP gateways and mail systems, etc...
> So, I simply would like to ask if auto notifications are really needed?  If not, please, PLEASE shut the blasted things off.... the solution is creating almost as much of a problem as the problem itself IMHO . . .

We have never sent notification of virus infections back to sender.
This practice is most definitely part of the problem rather than part of
the solution.

Now if someone can come up with a way to decide if a message is a worm
or spam before accepting it then we could also suppress normal bounce
messages for old addresses.  That would solve the irritating problem of
users ringing the heldesk "I've just received a bounce message for an
email I never sent. Has someone stolen my email account?"

;) ;)


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