[unisog] Your opinion on your AntiVirus product?

Mike Stark mstark at ucsd.edu
Mon Nov 28 17:35:20 GMT 2005

    We as a default use Sophos on almost all our mail gateways with a 
few small servers who take mail directly, opting for products like 

  Again on the desktop we offer Sophos as a default with some using 
Symantec and at a smaller volume, McAfee. A few departments or 
research groups use NOD-32, CA, AVG, and other solutions.

   All our systems have to have a current anti-virus as part of our 
minimum standard to be on our network. Version 5.x of Sophos for 
windows is not quite as robust as their 3.x family of anti-virals 
yet. (For instance on windows XP/Pro X64 version Sophos 5.x crashes 
attempting to install, but 3.99 mostly works like Symantec 10 mostly 
works). But Sophos covers all the platforms we have running including 
things like VMS and AIX in addition to the common Solaris, Windows, 
Macintosh, Macos X, Novell, and Linux variations.

   By and large as an organization, Sophos meets most of our needs 
with minimal pain and about the same frequency of failures to detect 
as our volume license users of our McAfee and Symantec agreements 
see. None is perfect of the three, with each miss on detection or 
operational glitch causing a comment that one of the other vendors 
must be better....


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>I am on the hunt for opinions of corporate anti-virus products used 
>at other universities.  What do you use?  Are you satisfied with it? 
>What do you find are it's strengths and weaknesses?  Has it 
>presented you with any unique challenges, or does it have features 
>that provided you with an unexpected dividend?  Do you have any 
>problems with your mobile users who may not connect to your network 
>frequently enough?
>We are looking to replace our current Trend Micro product 
>suite, which is why I'm soliciting your opinions.
>Here is my opinion on Trend.
>The client agent is too resource intensive, using 5 processes 
>totaling approx. 25MB of system memory when idle.  It has been 
>unable to detect several variants of IRCBot viruses.  It does have a 
>nice variety of tools for tasks like deployment and imaging.  The 
>real killer for us has been the dissatisfaction with the 
>support provided by Trend.
>I'd value anyone's input.
>Matt Bartlett
>St. Louis College of Pharmacy
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