[unisog] Anti-virus/Anti-spam appliances

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Nov 29 21:44:28 GMT 2005

> Someone recently mentioned Mail Frontier as an anti-virus, anti-spam appliance for incoming email. 

We have two m500 appliances here  .. love them. Literally out of the box 
and ready-to-go in an hour or so.

(I trumpet opensource louder than anyone else here, but no such monkey 
exists for free that's *this* easy)

I could happily provide (off-list) CSV files of our stats but to 
summarize, the Mailfrontier box nicks about 70% of incomming email as 
spam. Our user community was *very* happy.

The Mailfrontier box easily integrates into MS A/D or other LDAP sources 
to permit per-user configuration (eg: they log in themselves and 
customize their settings) .. this solved the few whiners that didn't 
want their email "filtered" or wanted to block something individually.

Also : the Mailfrontier folks will work with you to spread the 
purchase/support cost out over your ammortization period for hardware.

We have ~30k users and about 8 different email systems behind the m500.


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

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