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Pat Smith psmith at bdskc.com
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IronMail from CipherTrust is a very nice appliance.  It can do both AV and

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Someone recently mentioned Mail Frontier as an anti-virus, anti-spam
appliance for incoming email.  We are looking into these appliances, and
Mirapoint seemed good, but the annual recurring cost is fairly high.  (About
half of that recurring cost is for Sophos.)  Does anyone have any other
products that they can recommend?  We currently are using spamassassin and
clamAV which together are putting a good deal of overhead on our gateway,
and management is somewhat time-consuming.

We are also looking into GWGuardian (which now works with sendmail,as well
as Groupwise.)

Also, thanks to everyone for the generosity of information in the postings.

dennis bohn

Dennis Bohn, 
Manager of Network Systems

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