[unisog] Anti-virus/Anti-spam appliances

Michael D. Sofka sofkam at rpi.edu
Wed Nov 30 14:45:06 GMT 2005

--On Tuesday, November 29, 2005 11:07:55 AM -0500 Dennis Bohn 
<BOHN at adelphi.edu> wrote:

> Hello:
> Someone recently mentioned Mail Frontier as an anti-virus, anti-spam
> appliance for incoming email.  We are looking into these appliances, and
> Mirapoint seemed good, but the annual recurring cost is fairly high.
> (About half of that recurring cost is for Sophos.)  Does anyone have any
> other products that they can recommend?  We currently are using
> spamassassin and clamAV which together are putting a good deal of
> overhead on our gateway, and management is somewhat time-consuming.

We are using CanIt-Pro (http://www.roaringpenquin.com/), which has been
very good for us.  It's price competitive, comes with source, and is
very flexible---which is good for our environment. An advantage of open
source: I wrote a program which synchronizes the spam filter database
with our Listproc list owners and moderators, so they can manage spam to
the open lists separate from their personal filters (so they can have
different filter settings).

I'm planing to more tightly integrate CanIt-Pro with our Webmail, so that
the "spam folder" is the CanIt trap.


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