[unisog] Instant messaging?

Micheal Cottingham micheal.cottingham at sv.vccs.edu
Wed Nov 30 15:05:31 GMT 2005

Interesting that this comes up at the same time that we are reviewing IM
services and security. I have thought about Jabber (I have used it at
home), so I just might suggest it. Right now we are using a mix of Yahoo
and MSN. As I've mentioned to others, AIM seems to have been hit more
lately than others with malware and the like, so I would suggest staying
away from that. Personally, I stay away from IM at work. A window pops
up from a buddy outside of work and next thing you know, you are giving
him your password without realizing it because the window received the
focus ...

Micheal Cottingham
micheal.cottingham at sv.vccs.edu
Southside Virginia Community College
Network Security - Christanna Campus

Ben Curran wrote:

>What are other campuses using for campus IM applications? Thoughts or 
>Ben Curran
>Network Specialist 
>Humboldt State University
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