[unisog] Anti-virus/Anti-spam appliances

Scott Spyrison sspyrison at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 15:19:19 GMT 2005

Ben Beuchler wrote:
> Not five minutes ago one of the admins leaned into my office to tell me
> how much our Barracuda rocks.
> Inexpensive, extremely effective, and integrates seamlessly with our LDAP
> backend.
> -Ben
National-Louis University also went with Barracuda.  Their pricing was 
hands down the best... extremely competitive.  The flip-side of that is 
their business has increased dramatically, and they are struggling to 
keep up with support.  All the other appliances/solutions we looked at 
were nice as well, but nobody could even come close to the Barracuda's 

Their appliances are based on SpamAssassin and ClamAV, and they come 
with a web-based configuration and management interface.  Depending on 
the units you get, they support settings at the global, domain and user 
level...  even to the point of having individual user quarantines if you 
so desire.  Supports ldap and ldaps for user verification.  We're 
running against both AD and Sun Directory over 4 domains (2 production 
and 2 test) with no problems.

We have 2 units in what the vendor calls an A/A cluster configuration, 
which really only amounts to replication of settings between the units.  
Load balancing is your responsibility.  Mail logs and individual user 
accounts (if present) are also replicated, although they are still 
working out some bugs in their cluster/replication processes with 
respect to things like user-level bayesian databases. 


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