[unisog] eDonkey DMCA complaints

John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Tue Oct 4 17:00:07 GMT 2005

I personally have always been fond of big huge all-in-wonder 
printers....they always seem like the best candidates for collecting 
warez and pr0n, and spamming too.

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

>On Tue, 04 Oct 2005 08:53:13 PDT, Mike Iglesias said:
>>Ours was from "ESADMCAEnforcement <dmca at theesa.com>" not MediaSentry, but
>>it was for eDonkey and the IP was a router on campus.
>See what happens when you don't upgrade IOS when Cisco issues an advisory? :)
>(There's a serious side to this - "appliances" are getting smarter and having
>more storage.  As such, they're becoming more attractive as drop boxes for
>warez puppies.  We all (hopefully) know that an open share on a NetApp-class
>file server will attract warez - but now Tivo-class gear is entering into
>the equation....)
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