[unisog] AOL and forwarding

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Fri Oct 7 16:47:04 GMT 2005

"Hunt,Keith A" <keith at uakron.edu> wrote:

> Do you get them sent to your scomp address? We actually had AOL
> blacklist our mail servers and could only get removed by setting up that
> scomp process. Once we did that we have been OK, but I am concerned if
> they send these types of notices there 'coz I rarely look at them.

No the warnings come to "undisclosed-recipients:;" which appears to
be postmaster.  That's odd because we told them to use abuse at columbia.edu,
which they persist in using for other correspondence that belongs more
to postmaster.

The SComp mail is what makes me so certain that nearly the entire
problem is about mail forwarded by our own users.

> One slightly humorous twist is . . .I see
> a number of complaints about messages our administration insists on
> sending to all students...

Same here!  Also a few lists that were voluntary, from which the user
could unsubscribe if it wasn't easier to click the spam button on AOL.
If it was only these, that would be very few SComp reports.

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University Information Technology

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