[unisog] Public or Private IP addresses?

Eryk Kaminski e.kaminski at sxu.edu
Fri Oct 14 14:59:03 GMT 2005

Up till a couple of years ago, we had all of our nodes with public
addresses. It was fine until the hacks and viruses went out of control.(NO
SUS SERVER!!!) Now we use dynamic NAT for the entire network. With the
exception for those servers that need to be set up statically. Yes, it is
somewhat more difficult to administer multiple vlans behind a firewall.
However, I will take the few extra steps tracking down one infected machine
then 20. MRTG is great by the way. Even if an abuse report comes in, which
is a rarity now, I can still single out that machine even if a public NAT is
given. Plus we don't have a crack security guy like Bill Eaheart at De Paul.

Eryk Kaminski
Saint Xavier University
Network Technician

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