[unisog] Public or Private IP addresses?

Stejerean, Cosmin cosmin at cti.depaul.edu
Fri Oct 14 15:39:36 GMT 2005

I will restate my question to make it clearer.


NAT is commonly used is to allow multiple computers to share a pool of
public IP addresses, but this is usually not necessary for universities that
have a large public IP range. I was wondering what other reasons
universities in particular have for using NAT (dynamic or static). Static
NAT will solve the problem of tracking machines but does it offer any
advantage over using properly firewalled public IP addresses instead?





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Dont forget you can also do "one-to-one NAT" to avoid some of the concerns. 
For e.g. the whole block of 
7.11.*.* (outside) <=> 10.11.*.* (private) 

I like private addressing especially for RESNET.  Your mileage and others
input might 
Even some large ISP's like Cincinnati Bell with their ADSL solution provite

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