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John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Mon Oct 24 18:42:53 GMT 2005

Just incase any CCA users out there are feeling a little 'alone', or 
people want more info, Miami University has a listserv:


Jason Richardson wrote:

>We're running Cisco Clean Access on a network supporting an undergrad
>student population of 25,000 and I know that many other schools are
>running Cisco or something similar.  We have seen similar dramatic
>positive results.
>Jason Richardson
>Manager, IT Security and Client Development
>Enterprise Systems Support
>Northern Illinois University
>>>>eric at american.edu 10/17/2005 11:12 AM >>>
>I am interested in learning how many other schools are using Cisco
>Access product to require a  minimum level of standards for virus 
>protection, antispyware, OS and application patches/updates?  How many
>using another product?
>I am hoping to pull together some quick facts to inform one of our
>governing bodies, who believes that other large universities are not 
>requiring such security standards on their networks. 
>At American University, we implemented CCA within our residence halls
>Fall.  Already, we have seen dramatic results; virus and spyware 
>infections have dropped by 40% campuswide.  We plan to roll out CCA to
>faculty and staff within 2006, but are getting some resistance from 
>Your information will help to educate them, that we are all facing
>challenges.  Thank you, and I am happy to share my results of this
>Eric Weakland, CISSP
>Director, Network Security
>Office of Information Technology (IT)
>American University
>eric at american.edu 
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